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"Οι γονείς μας ευχαριστούν τη φύση."

Translation:Our parents thank nature.

September 1, 2016



"Thank you nature" Mom what are you doing.


What does this phrase actually mean in Greek because the english translation doesn't make much sense?


It sounds like some pagan practice, where people thank "mother nature" :-)


The tips and notes have explicitly used the example of η φύση to show how the definite article is used in Greek for things it is not used for in English, so the English translation here should probably have the "the" removed.


I wrote 'are thsnkful for nature', which I knew woulxn't be accepted, but was the only way i could understand it. Or maybe this is some nature-worshipping family thanking their god??

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Probably the later.


I agree with bonbayel. The given English sentence is bizarre.


Its not that crazy to thank nature is it?


Made me think of a wine offering. The wiki entry on libation (scroll down to ancient Greece) is a decent summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libation Libations aside, spiritualities that see the interconnectedness of everything are common today and throughout human history, and IMHO those spiritualities have a lot to teach people who have been socialized to see humans as separate from and superior to creation and fellow creatures. In indigenous spirituality of north and central western hemisphere, for instance, it's not uncommon to talk to flowers. Using pesticides and destroying the earth and our health = bizarre; not bizarre = thanking the interconnecting spiritual life/beauty that is nature.


I think that the translation could be: our parents are thankful to nature. "To be thankful" and "to thank" there are two different things. Although in some languages there is only one verb for both meanings.


In my somewhat outdated dictionary, it adds the word "enjoy oneself" to the definitions of the verb ευχαριστώ, or rather, to its reflexive form. Ευχαρίσηση means "pleasurable", so I think a reasonable english translation might be "Our parents take pleasure in nature." Or "Our parents delight in nature." That might not fit in well with the direction of the course, though.

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