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How do I type in Greek? I can't get past the 7th lesson without a Greek keyboard. Help!

Is there a special button on the lesson that will help me type Greek letters, so I can move on with my lessons?

September 1, 2016



You know Google yields faster results than a forum.


Thank you! I finally found something to work with.


Install the Greek keyboard on your computer or phone.


Thank you! Found a small keyboard on the bottom of the screen and clicked on it. Voila, it was there, the Greek!


Thank you! I bookmarked that site for future reference, too!


You should be able to download a Greek keyboard on your computer or phone - there may even be one pre-installed. After that it's just learning which English letters correspond to the Greek. Just google instructions. It's really easy and once it's done you can switch between languages.


Thank you for your help. I searched and searched and found a pop up greek keyboard! Whew! That is a relief! Thanks for responding!


I downloaded the Greek keyboard to my laptop, phone etc.

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We have just been given this link by a very kind learner and I mangaged to install Russian. (I already had Greek.) Now, I can have English, Russian and Greek by pushing two keys. Try and please let me know how it works. >https://billmounce.com/freegreekfont/unicode-windows

P.S. I have shift+alt for Greek and ctrl+0 for Russian but it seems I have to hit shift+alt first. Not, a problem just so you know. I may have done something wrong but I get all three when I need them.

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