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"Το μπροστινό αυτοκίνητο είναι γρήγορο."

Translation:The car in front is fast.

September 1, 2016



Makes me think of a Toyota...


Το μπροστινό αυτοκίνητο είναι ένα Toyota


Would "the car in the front is fast" be a good translation? Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm not sure if "in the front" change the context or if it's grammatically incorrect


The "the" in "in the front" would change the context: it would refer to what the front is the front of, rather than the front itself. In the front of the train transporting cars, in the front of the showroom where cars are on display, in the front of the ship transporting cars across the English Channel. We could, however, say "the car AT the front. The "at" changes the focus to the front point itself, without reference to an outside frame. At the front of the queue, at the front of all the other cars waiting at the traffic lights, and so on. "At the front" can be equivalent to "in front".


I try to think in what context I would say this phrase in either language; most likely when I am following a Ferrari in which case I would say: "the car in front is fast" or "Το μπροστινό αυτοκίνητο είναι γρήγορο". I cannot think of a situation where I would say: The front car is fast


You've clearly never been forced to watch Nascar...

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The car ahead is fast, should be accepted


Correct. "The car ahead is fast." should also be accepted. DL should update this.

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Guess what...it's already accepted.


You would probably say" the leading car is fast". You might say " the car in front is fast", but you wouldn't say " the front car is fast"

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Is it "the leading car" we don't have any indications of that.

"the car in front is fast" THAT IS THE SENTENCE YOU WILL SEE ABOVE AS CORRECT. Why are you suggesting it? Please read the correct sentence at the top of this page.

This sentence: >"the front car is fast " doesn't exist. Why are you mentioning it?

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