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  5. "ο ανανάς!"

"ο ανανάς!"

Translation:The pineapple!

September 2, 2016



When you study Latin so didn't look at the words and wrote "O Pineapple"...


Intellego :P The Ancient Greek o word for the vocative would be ω with omega and not omicron (ω ανανά if there was such a word in Ancient Greek)

Modern Greek doesn't use ο or ω in Vocative. It just uses the noun in the Vocative cause ;)


Why thank you for the information!

My Latin teacher was a speaker of Greek, and I think he is probably quite distressed with my terribleness right now!


I wrote 'o pineapple!' too, but it was based on all the previous answers like 'n pineapple' and 'd torch' ...

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