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  5. "Εγώ έφαγα το μισό πρωινό."

"Εγώ έφαγα το μισό πρωινό."

Translation:I ate half of the breakfast.

September 2, 2016



"I ate half the breakfast" might also be considered correct.


What is "half breakfast"? I wrote "I ate half of the breakfast" and it was not accepted.


My fault!!! I corrected it and I added hint :)


When το μεσό is used for half, is it always followed by accusative in Greek? Seems like most languages, including English, follow "half" with genitive (i.e. "half OF breakfast") I would have guessed the Greek here to be το μισό πρωινού.


Μισό is followed by the same case as itself (it is actually an adjective). So, ο μισός τοίχος=the half wall, του μισού τοίχου=of the half wall, τον μισό τοίχο=the half wall (accusative).


There is a distinction in english between 'the half something' and 'half of the something'. In the first instance there only ever was half of the thing (e.g. someone made a half-size wall, or a half portion of breakfast), whereas in the second instance there was originally a whole something, and now there is half.

I ate the half breakfast : a half-portion of breakfast was there and I ate it.

I ate half of the breakfast : a full breakfast was there and I ate half of it.

We built a half wall : a half size wall was built - job done.

We built half of the wall : half of the wall is built but we have still to build the other half

From what I can see there appears to be no such distinction in Greek


This module teaches "present perfect" tense (rather than "past"). My answer: "I have eaten half of the breakfast" was not accepted.


I swear the slow audio says "εβαρουγα" or sth like that (i.e. she adds something between the βα- and the -γα. Maybe it's just me, but it might be worth having a close listen anyway?

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I can't check the slow audio but on its own page έφαγα is not clear, as you say. It actually sounds good on the standard speed audio in this sentence. When you want to check the pronunciation of a word individually I suggest using forvo.com or el.thefreedictionary.com. For full phrases you can use acapela-group.com.


I just checked the slow audio, and something sounds odd. Almost like έβοαγα. I'm not sure if it can be corrected, though. At least it sounds decent on regular speed, as D_. said.


Yeah the normal audio is fine, but the half-pause or wtv it is in the slow audio got me confused. I was asked this as a listening exercise, and didn't know the word έβαγα, so I had to determine how to spell it purely from the audio, which made me notice it very clearly.

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