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"שמונה עשרה חליפות או עשרים חליפות?"

Translation:Eighteen suits or twenty suits?

September 2, 2016



What, is it THAT cold?

[deactivated user]
    <pre>חשליפות </pre>

    is masculine with a femenine ending. How does the reverted gender endings for units and tens work for such words, as the correct rendering seems to demand both parts of the numeral to be femenine. Please someone clarify the rule for me.


    No, חליפה (and חליפות in plural) is a regular feminine word. What made you think that it was masculine?


    Is not "עשרים" mean "ten"?


    The singular form, עשר/ה is ten, yes. The plural form, literally "tens," becomes "twenty."


    Does עשרים have the same form for use with both male and female objects? If so is it the smallest natural number like that?


    Yes and yes (following the mathematician's convention that zero is not a natural number (-: )

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