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  5. "Das kommt davon!"


"Das kommt davon!"

February 5, 2013



Why is "That's what you get!" wrong?


It shouldn't be. Did you submit feedback?


I just did after getting this wrong too. Why is it still not fixed after two months??


Maybe because nobody reported it. The discussions are not intended for reporting mistakes, and the language developers don't read every discussion. If you are positive that your answer is correct, use the Report option to suggest it.

I'll report this answer as another correct translation.


Still marked incorrect. I reported it as well.


I did report it, two weeks ago, and haven't heard back. I commented because it looked like people had noticed two months ago, and it still hadn't been fixed, maybe to encourage other people to report it, that's all.


It's still not fixed. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ you duolingo, I just lost lesson 7 for the umpteenth time because of your mistake!!!

Inb4 "Report it". I have. Just grumbling.


Can someone analyze davon for me? It can mean away for running away, and . . . in this? Confused! Thanks.


Davon means roughly 'of it' or 'from it'. I guess with the running away you mean something like 'Ich laufe davon'? Which means 'I run from it', or 'I run away'. In the case of 'Das kommt davon!' the sentence is idiomatic. Literally it means 'That comes of it!' which is something we don't say in English, we would say something like 'That's what you get!'. Imagine a kid does something stupid and they get hurt, their parent might say 'well, that's what comes of it!', as in 'that's what happens!', it's that kind of expression. Hope that helps? :/


That is what you get! and That's what you get! SHOULD be equally right, isn't it? Filed a feedback....

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