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  5. "υπάρχει ένα αυγό."

"υπάρχει ένα αυγό."

Translation:There is an egg.

September 2, 2016



Maybe I will find out the answer later in the lesson or in a future lesson, but I did not want to miss this opportunity to ask, just in case it does not appear again...Is "υπάρχει" a defective verb (i.e. are there forms for all persons- υπάρχω, υπάρχεις, etc. or not)? I ask because many languages treat the verb "be there/exist" differently from others...


The verb "υπάρχω" (exist) is conjugated and used like every other verb. Here's its conjugation in present tense:

  • υπάρχω = I exist
  • υπάρχεις = you exist
  • υπάρχει = he/she/it exists or there is
  • υπάρχουμε = we exist
  • υπάρχετε = you exist
  • υπάρχουν(ε) = they exist or there are

I hope that this helps. :-)


I thought so- that is exactly what I wanted to know. Ευχαριστώ!


The υπάρχει is impersonal in this case. Plural: Υπάρχουν.

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