"Kto ma najmniejszy wynik?"

Translation:Who has the lowest result?

September 2, 2016

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Who has the least result?


That would be somewhat different :)

'Who has the least results?' would mean that someone did not get as many results as other people did, not necessary the lowest

I was thinking more of 'Who has the lowest mark?' as it got marked wrong...

Have a nice day Jack


"wynik" is not a mark in school, unless there's some meaning that I'm not aware of?

"wynik" is like 12 in 4+8=12. And some other meanings.


Jellei. Could you please explain the meaning of WYNIK in the sentence 'Kto ma najmniejszy wynik? Thanks.


Well... "result" in maths or "score" in games, that would be my two first guesses. So as in maths you rather want to have the same result for everyone (because one is correct usually), perhaps this is the number of points in some board gamer or a card game.


"Least" does sometimes mean "smallest", so you could say "the least result" to mean "the smallest result". But in my experience, this usage is uncommon; it reminds me of a phrase from the King James Version, "the least of these my brethren".


Wydaje mi się, że w większości przypadków kiedy można takiego zdania użyć w Polsce, powinno się mówić "najniższy wynik", nie "najmniejszy", bo zaznaczamy jego pozycję na liniowym schemacie, a nie oceniany jego całkowity rozmiar.


Zgadzam się, usuwam zdanie.

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