"Hol vannak ezek a farmerek?"

Translation:Where are these jeans?

September 2, 2016

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This sentence sounds a bit odd to me. If you say "these jeans," it means that the jeans are here, nearby. So why would you be asking where they are?


You're pointing to a picture of them in an advertisement, and want to know where to find them in the store...


True in general.

But perhaps he is showing you a picture of the jeans that he means, so he can point to them and say "these" but still not know where the actual jeans are.


OK, I guess I need a little more imagination when it comes to making up scenarios in which a sentence would make sense. :) (Both of yours do.)

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Would a single pair of jeans be egy farmer, or is this a plurale tantum like in English?


in english everything that is a pair (jeans, trousers...) is in the plural, in Hungarian, it is one item, so farmer, nadrág, but also you have nice eyes, but in Hungarian, szép szemed van...


If I am not mistaken, jeans pants were first made for farmers to wear during work on the fields. I guess that's where the name comes from.


Jeans were made for the miners working during the California gold rush, by Levi Strauss.

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While the riveted blue jeans (as we know them today) were patented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, the jeans fabrics seem to go way back to Genoa, Italy and Nimes (De Nimes), France.


I remember when they were called "dungarees." And I thought that word came from India. It's a city in India, isn't it?

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Good ole days!-) Yes, I believe that there was a small place in India with a name close to that.Speaking of India, I believe the Indigo color came from there as well. A useful reference can be found at: http://www.historyofjeans.com/


❤❤❤ how did you get to farmer??? Hungarian is full of surprises and that's why I love this secret language!


I'd guess that farmers wore them. I don't know when the word entered the language, probably from English (or possibly German?). Maybe they were called "farmer jeans" or "farmer pants"? I'm guessing here, maybe someone here knows the actual story. It doesn't seem that far-fetched, though.

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