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Ænglisc / Old English - Lesson V - Grammar & Grammatical Cases I (An Overview)


Ƿesaþ ġē hāl!

If you missed the previous lesson (Conversational Questions), click here -

We continue with our lessons in OE, and now that we can have a small conversation with each other, we must delve into the less interesting, but more important aspect of grammar in OE. I have tried to put this off long enough, but I will try to simplify it all so it is understandable.

Now, OE has 5 grammatical cases, 3 moods, 3 genders, and the concept of "strong" and "weak" to contend with, but I will go through this one at a time.

The Cases and Genders effect almost every word that you will come across, affecting how a word is spelt, pronounced, or if the meaning has changed.

While "strong" and "weak" refer to nouns, verbs and adjectives, we will not be covering it in these lessons, as this is but a basic 'springboard' lesson series.

The Five Grammatical Cases:

Nominative, Accusative, Genitive, Dative & Instrumental

The Three Genders:

Masculine, Neuter and Feminine

The Three Moods:

Indicative, Subjunctive, Imperative

Now, what do you realise here? If you have taken German or any similar language, you would have doubtlessly seen some similarities!

For the next set of lessons, we shall be going over these cases,moods, and genders, one-by-one, for the benefit of all those who are not familiar with German or similar languages

[That is all for this lesson! For more information on Grammatical Features of OE, check out this playlist:](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX2L8KuRbPMCp1LGy9KgXOsqxp5OuA-Y4}

If this has inspired you/ started you to think that OE may be for you, check out Leornende Eald Englisc, here

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Iċ þancie ēow!

September 2, 2016


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