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"Bird flu is a dangerous plague because it spreads very fast."

Translation:Cảm cúm gà là một dịch bệnh nguy hiểm vì nó lây lan rất nhanh.

September 2, 2016



In my country-vietnamese,we often say ''cúm gia cầm'' instead of ''cảm cúm gà'',and ''cảm cúm gà''is not a word which used much in my country,and I think the moderator should add my answer-''cúm gia cầm'' :)


bird flu is translated as "cum ga" in your notes. Why is it wrong when used in the sentence?


How about teaching us something useful like: I have a headache. My stomach is sore. I cut my finger, I need a bandage... NOT bird flu plagues and wolves in ambulances. this language is new to us, and useful information would be greatly appreciated!!


What the actual...? No one says "cảm cúm gà". It is not wrong but it does not even exist.


Nobody says 'cảm cúm gà' in VN. And 'gà' is mean chicken btw


What is the difference between Rất Nhanh and Nhanh Lắm?


"Dịch cúm gia cầm" should be accepted. Never heard of "cảm cúm gà" anywhere... it's sound so weird yk


The pull-down has "cùm gà" while the "correct answer" has "cảm gà."

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