"Bird flu is a dangerous plague because it spreads very fast."

Translation:Cảm cúm gà là một dịch bệnh nguy hiểm vì nó lây lan rất nhanh.

2 years ago



In my country-vietnamese,we often say ''cúm gia cầm'' instead of ''cảm cúm gà'',and ''cảm cúm gà''is not a word which used much in my country,and I think the moderator should add my answer-''cúm gia cầm'' :)

2 years ago

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bird flu is translated as "cum ga" in your notes. Why is it wrong when used in the sentence?

1 year ago


What the actual...? No one says "cảm cúm gà". It is not wrong but it does not even exist.

1 year ago
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