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September 2, 2016



I'll keep in mind that the 'ps' sound looks like a Jewish candlestick


Or Poseidon's trident.


Might be the trident


shouldn't ε accepted too?


If you were asked to translate the word έψιλον which here is in Greek. You need to give the word in English. Not the letter alone. So, epsilon. Let me know please if that is accepted.


Could I just add that if it was a "type what you hear" question, you have to do just that. In other words if the voice says εψιλον (epsilon) and the space says type in Greek then, you need to type the complete word εψιλον. Nothing else will be accepted at the moment and as I understand it, the Greek team cannot change this. I'm sure that Jaye16 will correct me if I'm mistaken.


Good point it may not have been a translation at all but a listening. Thank you Gena, as usual, you came to my rescue with the right idea.


You are most welcome Jaye. :-))


Is there a difference between epsilon and ypsilon?


Yes, epsilon, is letter "Ε ε" and it sounds like e in "bed". Ypsilon is letter "Υ υ" and it sounds like ee in "free", it is equal with letter iota "Ι ι".


And Η η *ee, eeta" These are the three "ees" Υυ, Ηη, Ιι. All have the same pronunciation. There are also some diphthongs. Check out the Tips and Notes in the ABC Tree.


Ah I see; the ε should be easy to remember as the IPA symbol is the same as the sound it produces.

And thank you for the extra information about Ypsilon and Iota :) Very helpful indeed!


But for ypsilon, it is usually transliterated as a "y".


Actually, there is. Pro tip: if you ever hear "upsilon", it means ypsilon.


Ηow do i put the accents above the greek letters?


In the greek keyboard first press the ";" (next to L) key and then the letter. ;)


What is wrong with spelling "epsilon" like this? There is no psi in English, so I can't figure out how else to type the word.


To make it easier and more uniform we have an alphabet list in the Tips & Notes section. What you have in your comment is correct. What seems to be the problem? Give us some more information and we'll do our best to help out. The top of this page shows the expected translation into Eng.


"The top of this page shows the expected translation into Eng." The problem is, that is exactly the translation I wrote about 8 times only to be told I'm wrong! epislon is how I answered for the tran.


έψιλον epsilon This is a copy/paste from the Incubator through which all translations pass to be judged correct or incorrect. It's done automatically. We haven't had any other comments about this. And I just tried it and it was accepted. Could you get us a screenshot? We'll get to the bottom of this. This is from your comment, note that the word is not spelled right: "epislon is how I answered for the tran." Maybe you did that on the sentence.


I don't know how to get a screenshot. The strange thing is it takes epsilon in the beginning when the letter first shoes up, but later when I am about to finish the lesson, epsilon is suddenly wrong. I have studied enough Greek to know the spelling is right.


@FergusonWalter, please don't take this the wrong way, I am trying to be helpful not rude but you say that "I have studied enough Greek to know the spelling is right" yet in the course of your conversation with Jaye16 you wrote "epislon is how I answered for the tran." and then, "when the letter first shoes up," , that is two typos in two different comments. Is it not at least a possibility that you have mistyped the word?

My main reason for asking this is that I too have answered the same question spelling epsilon as you describe and have had it accepted on every occasion, irrespective of whether or not I had given the answer once or more than once. If that is not the case then it may be a problem with your keyboard, as another user posted that they had experienced problems with a certain type of keyboard.

As I say, I am trying to be helpful here so I hope that you are not offended by my comments, as no offence is intended. :-)


@FergusonWalter, I'm glad you understood my motives and from your description is does sound as if it may well be your keyboard.

I don't know exactly which keyboard the other user was having difficulty with but I have no dificulty with my keyboards which are, variously, on Android, an onscreen Google keyboard and a bluetooth physical keyboard on the same device. On Windows an onscreen touch keyboard (using a mouse as my pc is not a touch screen device) and the physical keyboard attached to the pc (laptop)

I have had no problems with any of these, so if any or all of them are suitable for your operating system I can recommend that you try them. If you need help with installing them let me know and I will explain what you need to do, it would be a shame to have to give up on Greek if we can solve your problem easily.

Where I can't help you I'm afraid is if you are using Mac or iOS as I have no real experience of these.

Let me know if I can help you any further and Good Luck! :-)


@ Ifphigenia (reply to poet below) No offence taken. I fully understand what you are saying. I do make plenty of typos.
Having said that, I put the word epsilon in all told, at least 10 times when it was not accepted, and made sure I spelled it right at least half the time. Do you know the nature of the problem if it is the keyboard? If the keyboard is the problem, I might have to stay with languages that uses the alphabet English uses. I appreciate your help. Thank you.


Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 4.39.22 PM

[deactivated user]

    hey epsilon in latin letters worked for me, thanks for your work on the course !!!


    I have encountered the same problem and am trying to post the screenshot here: Type what you hear

    epsilon Continue You used the wrong word. έψιλον



    @JMoikos Yes, from what you've explained you were supposed to type in Greek if you don't have a Greek keyboard you can easily get it depending on the kind of computer you have. Check out these Forums. The first is for writing the Greek. any problems don't hesitate to come back.


    I have had a similar comment by Ifphgenia who later discovered that it said (Type in Greek) in very light gray letters. Please have a look. The team is unable to adjust that at this point.


    I saw that also. "Type in Greek?" If this means type in Greek letters, I might as well give up right now. My keyboard does not have that capability.


    @FegusonWalter, as I said yesterday if you would like help to set up a Greek keyboard option on either Windows or an Android device I can help you, it is fairly straightforward to do and not onerous to use. Just let me know if I can help.


    How do I access greek keyboard for answering in greek?


    Hi and welcome. Here you'll find a lot of information not only for keyboards but on the use of Duo and lots more on Greek. here

    Also, always read the Tips & notes on each page for more information. Anything else you need come back and ask. The team is always ready to help.


    I can't type this in my keyboard. Help?


    How to add the Greek keyboard to your computer.

    We have found these easy to install and simple to use. If you have any other links please share them with the community.

    For Windows




    For Mac



    I typed “ε" from the Greek keyboard, and my answer was marked wrong, “You typed in English, not Greek.” No, Duolingo, I did type it in Greek, not English. The answer should have been accepted.


    If the computer did not recognize the keyboard that would indicate a possible bug in the system. We would need a screenshot to report this to the technical division.

    Please provide a screenshot of your answer together with Duo's refusal.

    this has the advantage of showing your answer exactly as it was written, with its potential mistakes, typos, ... but also should show the type of exercise, the platform you use, and so on.

    This would assure that all the relevant information is provided so there is no risk that anything is forgotten and it will be possible to detect any errors or identify a bug.


    Thank you. Of course the screen is long gone because I finished the lesson. If such a mistake happens again, I will submit a screenshot and all the information you require.


    A screenshot would be very much appreciated any time you have such an issue. That would help us resolve problems of this sort and be a benefit to all learners.

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