"Igen, odamegyek az üzlethez!"

Translation:Yes, I go over to the store!

September 2, 2016

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I wrote: Yes, I go over there to the shop. I do not understand the function of "oda" in relation to the correct answer.


I think in this case "oda" could be "over there", as in "go over there to the store".


What about "én megyek az üzlethez" ?


Yes, that is a good translation of "I go to the store", emphasizing "I". It is me going, not some other person.

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    I feel like we have seen similar sentences in Duo exercises that omitted the oda. I am not sure what it adds to the meaning. Megyek implies movement, hez to the car. Maybe the oda implies away from the speaker. I don't get this. Anyone help with this?


    The oda- prefix adds a meaning of "to there, to that place". It is not exactly needed in this sentence, but suggests that the store is maybe a small trip away. Also a prefix gives the verb a perfective aspect, i.e. it's not saying that I have a regular habit of going to that store, but rather that I'm on my way right now to visit it.


    Does "Odamegyek az üzlethez" mean that I am just going towards the store and I'm not going to enter it and do the shopping?


    Yes, precisely. :)


    --------- the "oda " then is the famous "thither " that english doesn't use any more ? . . .

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    Yes, you can translate oda as "thither" if you want.

    • hova - whither
    • ide - hither
    • oda - thither
    • hol - where
    • itt - here
    • ott - there
    • honnan - whence
    • innen - hence
    • onnan - thence

    I don't think they work well as verbal prefixes, though.


    Learning Hungarian is teaching me so much more about my native language, English.


    If you use odamegyek then the English should have a "there" for direction. This option was not given in the word selection.


    ------- i'm going to the store (but not ) to go in and shop ? why can't duo just add -be so i can go in (and shop ) ? . . .

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