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  5. "You will be in Israel soon."

"You will be in Israel soon."

Translation:את תהיי בישראל בקרוב.

September 2, 2016



Could we drop the preceding את here ?


Best not to, because without the pronoun it is likely to be perceived as an imperative: "Be in Israel soon".


I agree, but - strictly speaking, תהיי בישראל בקרוב is a correct translation of this sentence, and the imperative is היי בישראל בקרוב. Also, בקרוב תהיי בישראל does not have this ambiguity. The "user manual" of the language, so to speak, allows dropping the pronoun in the future tense.


In a free text translation to Hebrew i submitted the following but it was ruled incorrect: אתה תהיה בארץ ישראל בקרוב


You should drop בארץ. There's no need to say "in the land of Israel", just say "Israel".

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