"There are no butterflies, bees and flies in this zoo."

Translation:Ebben az állatkertben nincsenek pillangók, méhek és legyek.

September 2, 2016

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mi a különbség lepkék és pillangók között?


Pillangó is one family within the broader class lepke ("lepidoptera"). So every pillangó is a lepke, but a lepke might be a moth or some other thing that isn't biologically classified as a butterfly. In practice, the difference between the two is not observed all that carefully (outside of biologists or other specialists).


I confirm that it is not generally known that the two are not the same. I didn't know it, either. The only thing is, "pillangó" is a nicer, more melodical word, a bit poetic, one would not use it to describe just any common butterfly or moth. It looks like this distinction is somewhat close to the scientific distinction, as well.


If the nouns following "sok" are singular then why are the nouns following "nincsenek" not also singular?

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