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Gilding Progress

I teach a distance-learning Spanish class, but also have taught Spanish in the classroom. I would like to incorporate Duolingo into my distance-learning class, but I feel I need to know how many lessons are gilded for my students.

In the past in my regular classes I have found that without me requiring my students to continue to gild their exercises they tend to just plow through the exercises and not worry about past exercises because they are done. Learning a language has to be cyclical. I know that some of the vocabulary is in the more advanced lessons, but I have found that if students are continually gilding previous lessons they tend to remember the information better (isn't that what spaced repetition is all about?).

I like my students, but am afraid that many of them would photoshop the gilding of exercises if I just asked for a screenshot or had them show me their screens while online. I know, I have trust issues here.

What I would suggest is one or all of the following: Being able to see a student's tree as an option under the "Manage student" button Being able to see if a lesson is gilded in the Course progress screen. This could be having the circle with the checkmark gilded if the lesson is gilded and green if it has been de-gilded. * Being able to have users share their tree with the world. This would be an option in a user's settings (probably on the Language setting) to "publish" their tree(s) to their profile. This would also help in putting a person's tree(s) on an electronic portfolio.

September 2, 2016



Being able to see a student's tree

One of the userscripts allows you to do this. I think it is the one called Duolingo Stats.



Tried that, got it installed, but without any documentation or foreknowledge of how to use the script it is difficult to know how to actually use it.


Is the tree not accessible from their profile page?


No. When I go to their profile the Tampermonkey icon shows a red 1, but when I click on it, it only brings up the green i for the Help/Changelog (but without the words).

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