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  5. "Το κοτόπουλο είναι νόστιμο."

"Το κοτόπουλο είναι νόστιμο."

Translation:The chicken is delicious.

September 2, 2016



Etymology of νόστιμος: it's from the ancient Greek νόστιμος, which meant homecoming. So Odysseus (Ulysses) was νόστιμος (with the ancient Greek meaning of the word) because he would return to Ithaca. But when you are νόστιμος, you miss your home. And here's why I think this word is beautiful: when you eat something and say it is νόστιμο (in modern Greek), you say that it has the taste of return. The taste reminds you of your home and you miss it, like Odysseus missed so much Ithaca and his family...


In English there is nostalgy < νοσταλγία < νόστος

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Good point. I always thought that nostalgia was a Latin word. Now we know where the Romans got it from!

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Thanks for the historical perspective Apogeotou! This could also explain the sense of 'nice' and/or 'funny/happy'... That is, one would tend to be more plesant/nice when home than when far away... Enjoy the lingot!


Thank you! I think that etymology is something amazing and we should look the origins of the words we say every day. You never know, you might see words from another perspective after you take a look at the etymology :)

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Is the main meaning of νόστιμο delicious? Would "nice" or "funny" be included in possible meanings? I am curious how this word relates to "nostim" from Romanian. Thank you for putting the course together.


First of all I don't speak Romanian, so I don't know what "nostim" means.

The adjective "νόστιμος-η-ο" has two meanings in Greek. It can mean "delicious" (only used for describing food, therefore I would not translate it as "nice" or "funny'', which can be used to describe other things too) or "attractive" (only for a person that you like). Keep in mind that the last meaning is informal.

I hope that this helps. :-)

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That is what I was hoping to hear! Funny is the main meaning and attractive is one the meanings of 'nostim' in Romanian (according to one of their online dictionaries), ευχαριστώ.


Another translation is "tasty". Νόστιμος can also be used for an attractive girl/boy: νοστιμούλα/νοστιμούλης (pretty informal to say).

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Miliarma, Thank you for the additional clarification!


Παρακαλώ φίλε/φίλη μου ! (You're welcome my friend !)


Hey i just wanted to bring up that this is the introduction of the "delicious" in Lesson 2, but the word is used in Lesson 1 and we are expected to know it. I think it might make better sense to move this question to the beggining of lesson 1. Ευχαριστώ


This brought a tear to my eye


No way ! In Romanian nostim (νόστιμ) means funny or charming ! Same word, diffrent meanings ❤


το κοτοπουλο ειναι νοστιμο the audio is good on the fast speed but lousy on the slow speed so that νοστιμο sounds like a β or a φ not like a ν sound as found in the greek alphabet...google translate helped clear up that mischaracterization of the word. Maybe this interpreter has a special dialect but it is not helpful in trying to hear the audio with a mispronunciation...does anyone hear these audios before they are published?

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