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Scheduling assignments

Hi there,

I wasn't sure where to post this, but is it possible to schedule assignments ahead of time that aren't accessible until a certain date? For example, my students have to earn 150 points each week by Friday at 4pm, but if I set up all of the assignments now, they can finish early and won't actually work on it each week.


September 2, 2016



I would love to know this answer too. Last year I tried to enter in future assignments, and when they started working on XP it would count for the last posted assignment and not the one that was due. It was quiet frustrating to not be able to put assignments in ahead of time. I often forgot to post the assignment then the kids would work on it for the week and the XP would not count towards the assignment.


I would like to do the same, and I am having the same problem as Kimberly. It's really frustrating. They should definitely have a recurring assignment feature.


I agree!!! They definitely need a recurring assignment feature and an assignment start time feature!!!


I think you can assign skills and include starting and finishing dates. There is a default of one week starting today but you can change it.

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