"Nigdy nie używałem różowego mydła."

Translation:I have never used pink soap.

September 2, 2016

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"I never have used pink soap" is also correct yet it was not accepted.


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To me, it feels like in English this particular phrasing would usually be followed by a statement that clarifies or adds further context to the first part of the sentence, for example: 'I never have used pink soap, but I might use it in the future'

'I never have used pink soap, and I don't intend to start using it now'

'I never have used pink soap, but I am fond of the blue variety'


Why a or the is not necessary here?


Soap is rather treated as a mass noun.


Could someone please explain why this is imperfective rather than perfective? What would 'nigdy nie użyłem różowego mydła' imply?


That's... difficult. "Nie używałem" would be my first thought - I never used to use pink soap, I just never used something like that.

"Nie użyłem"... sounds as if there was some specific bar of soap and you're telling someone: "I assure you, this bar of soap hasn't been touched, I have never used it!" - so basically, someone assumes that you did. That's at least my impression.


That's confusing, since constructions such as "have done" are called perfect, but apparently we say that in Polish using the imperfective verbs.


Sorry to post this here, but does Polish use brackets (parentheses)?


Yes, of course.


I love pink soap!


Yeah, why does this course disparage pink soap so often?

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