"Lerepülnek a madarak a kertbe."

Translation:The birds are flying down to the garden.

September 2, 2016

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Why not "are flying"?


That is also good.


Those damn birds that cannot choose between flying simply and continuously just screwed up my strengthening skills progress :D


Actually, as I understand, there is no continuous tense in Hungarian, so both should be accepted.


A similar sentence from a different lesson -- "A madarak az erdőbe repülnek." -- makes me curious: What's the difference between the two word orders? Is it that in one the word order is neutral, and that in the other the place gets into the focus position? Or what?


In the one in this lesson the focus is on flying down - what and where are not as important. In "A madarak az erdőbe repülnek." where the birds are flying to is important (the question would have been Where did the birds fly? rather than what did the birds do?).


just to be clear, this is not landing in the garden, just going from somewhere higher to fly in the garden?

[deactivated user]

    OK since this sentence starts with a verb I think it should be a question! Anyone one know why or if I am wrong?


    Eric, it is English that starts questions with a verb, not Hungarian.

    Like English, Hugarian can start questions with a question word ('hol', etc.). But otherwise word order is the same in Hungarian as for a declarative sentence, and Hungarian relies on intonation instead of word order.


    No, it is not a question. In this case the verb is stressed. It is the flying down - not the birds or garden that is most important ie the birds fly down to the garden (they don't fly away or go for a walk or teach a kindergarten class)


    So i am still confused here. In one of the previous sentences (about going to the water) the comments said that the le- doesn't necessarily mean "down" it mainly slindicates that this is a completed action. Does the same apply here? So what I am asking is, are both of these correct: The birds fly down into the garden The birds fly into the garden

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