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  5. "הכל בסדר?"

"הכל בסדר?"

Translation:Is everything OK?

September 2, 2016



I think "All good?" should be accepted as well...


"everything fine" should also be accepted as an answer, or?


I think the audio has changed for this sentence. I've come back to review this chapter having completed it a little while ago and "הכל" now sounds like "תכל". Has anyone else noticed this?


I observed this in a few recordings in duo. It is a technical issue ocurring when the recording starts at the same time as the sound. The clipping noise interferes with the ה and your brain "hears" something like ת (since "t" has also a clickalike sound at the beginning when the tongue touches the palate).

If you want an extra exercise ;-) try listening closely a couple of times and you might hear "t 'ha kol beseder" since the click and ה occur not precisely at the same time but follow very closely on each other.


I think that "Everything in order?" should also be acceptable. It might not be the best grammar, but it is used in conversation that way.


Usually you don't reject a sentence just because the ? Is missing!


i entered "is everything ok?" and checked it incorrect



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