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  5. "אתם מקשיבים לי?"

"אתם מקשיבים לי?"

Translation:Are you listening to me?

September 2, 2016



מה ההבדל בין לשמוע, להקשיב, להאזין?


The difference between להקשיב and לשמוע is the same as the English words "listen" (להקשיב) and "hear" (לשמוע), while להאזין refers to when someone is listening to somthing indirectly ( i.e to a radio or to a conversation in which he does not take part in)


I'll just add that Israelis are pretty lapse with regard to using the right word. You'll often hear "אני שומע את השיר הזה" instead of "אני מקשיב לשיר הזה" as "I'm listening to this song". Same goes for "see" and "watch": אני רואה את הפרק ממש עכשיו versus אני צופה בפרק ממש עכשיו, "I''m watching the episode right now".

You also get "ת)שמע)" and "תראה" as in intro to something someone is about to say, or to change topic:

תשמע/תראה, אני לא כל כך בטוח לגבי הרעיון.
Look/listen (hear/see), I'm not so sure about the idea.


Thanks. That's a wonderfully helpful explanation


No problem, glad I was able to help


Wow what a good lesson. So, להאזין could be "to overhear." I mean, if you're sitting at the next booth over from the couple chatting away...

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