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"Ki áll fel, Zsuzsa vagy János?"

Translation:Who is standing up, Zsuzsa or János?

September 2, 2016



it is ridiculous now. for some sentences you HAVE to use the continuous present while the simple present is rejected, whereas for other ones, the opposite is true. There might be some exceptions where one form cannot be used, but it is frustrating when there is no reason to reject one or the other apparently randomly. Someone should tackle this issue in priority, as we are quite a few complaining again and again about it.

September 2, 2016


I thought you had stopped commenting.

I hope that if you have resumed commenting, you have also resumed reporting mistakes. I think that is likely to be the best way of effecting change. Together with a lot of patience until the reports are acted on.

Calls to "someone should" are probably not so useful.

And I was sad to read that you had stopped reporting mistakes while doing the course. I am glad that you have started again.

September 3, 2016


Yes, I got over some of my frustration and, although I have tried to minimize my comments, I am systematically reporting, what I believe are mistakes. Thank you for encouraging me.

September 4, 2016


As for myself, I've given up on the course for now and am just strengthening the lessons I have learned so far... but I hope that there are enough brave people like you who will report problems in later lessons that, given enough time for developers to act on them, the course will be in a better shape!

So thank you again :)

September 4, 2016


Some fresh palacsinta is waiting at the finish line, if that is any motivation to someone. :) I can also recommend the reverse course to anyone interested, while you wait. That one is a much easier course, I think.

September 16, 2016


Last time Zsuzsa appeared, I got it wrong for NOT calling her Suzanne. So today I dutifully translate 'Suzanne or John' and it's wrong and has to be Zsuzsa or Janos. And what's with this 'Stop the clutter!' message?

February 15, 2017


How can I pay attention to the accents, as your answer indicates, when I don't have the accent marks as choices below my answer?

July 8, 2017


Paying attention to accents is difficult when using an English keyboard. You usually give them but, in this case, we're asked to write in English so they don't appear. I can only write Janos without the accent unless I do something more technical.

November 20, 2018
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