"Desenho industrial"

Translation:Industrial design

February 5, 2013

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design should probably be a translated option if it's the only accepted answer

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As we let them know about these "glitches" they do fix them. :)


right, I do that all the time and sometimes it gets fixed

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I think they are doing their best to fix the glitches. I have received several letters telling me that they have taken what I said under advisement, and have changed the correct answers to include what I have said. So, I think they are working at it. It is just frustrating for us who keep getting caught in the mistakes. It is, after all, a BETA system still. :)


I have been familiar with the term "technical drawing" since my schooldays and it is the translation given in my "Larousse Portuguese Dictionary". I have reported it.


Why "Industrial Draw" is wrong? I believe that is right...


I'm not a native, but I don't think draw can be a noun with that meaning - it should be drawing, no?

[deactivated user]

    The draw=O empate (game)


    É um 'desenho industrial' o mesmo que um 'desenho técnico'?

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