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Is there a way for me to get a complete roster of my students usernames and passwords?

My school has created a language club and we're learning German. I have set up the class but in increments... they're all together, but for some reason the school printer wouldn't download the whole class list but only some new ones as I add them. I would like to get a master list of all of my students and all of their passwords... is there some way to do this because in surfing all over the site, I just can't seem to locate how to get this list and I have several students who still can't seem to get into the class... but they are already listed as being in it. Can anyone help with this?

September 2, 2016



You can download a list of your students. Click on your class. Click on more details, and then activity details. A more detailed list of your students then appears, along with a button marked spreadsheet. Clicking on the spreadsheet button will give you a file with names, usernames, emails, and some statistics about their use of Duolingo.

You can't download anyone's password. No system should let you do that. Passwords are secret.

You've said that some of your students are in your class, but can't get into your class. I can't make sense of that - what do you mean?


I think we've figured it out... This is our first year trying to do this class thing. My first five students, I got them a username and a password (apparently just a temporary one)... the others simply need the class code to logon, I have found most of them by now, and thanks for the tips!

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