"I see you through the window."

Translation:Látlak az ablakon át.

September 2, 2016



What is the purpose of keresztűl here?

August 29, 2018


---------- crossingly ? . . .

Big 10 mar 19

March 11, 2019


why is atlátlak az ablakon rejected? aren't we learning the use of "at" as a preverb here?

September 2, 2016


It is not a preverb here. Here it is a postposition of a noun, it means "through" and it belongs to "window". Through the window. If you attach it to the verb, then somehow it needs to apply to "you", since "látlak" implies "you" as the object. But that just does not make sense. You can't "throughsee somebody on the window".

September 16, 2016


Very good. Thank you. I understand that "on" is the postposition after ablak, and it is enough to express through the window. Just curious now: You are in front of the TV, can I say: nem atlátlak! to express the fact that I cannot see through you?

September 16, 2016
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