"Do you want meat?"

Translation:Chcesz trochę mięsa?

September 2, 2016

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What is the reason 'trochę' is needed in this construction when the question asks, "Do you want meat?"


The version without "trochę" is accepted as well.


It's not really necessary. "Do you want some meat?"="Chcesz trochę mięsa?" is basically the same as "Do you want meat?"="Chcesz mięso (accusative)?". You could also say, sounding probably a bit more natural, "Chcesz mięsa (genitive)?" sort of implying that trochę. I guess you can compare the last option with French "Tu veux de la viande?". I think there's hardly any difference between all those alternatives so you don't need to worry.


'troche' (some or a little) That's NOT in the solution?


Using Genitive "mięsa" instead of Accusative "mięso" here means that this is actually partitive. The form "mięsa" here already has the 'some' part in it.

The only starred English answer will be "Do you want some meat?" now.


Question isn't Do you want "some" meat?


It will be now, after I changed it 3 days ago. Well, this discussion page will stay, but next time anyone gets it it should be "some meat".

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