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"Η ομάδα έχει πέντε χιλιάδες φιλάθλους."

Translation:The team has five thousand fans.

September 2, 2016



This may sound ridiculous, but 5000 should be accepted...


We had started doing it, but then we stopped, because we considered that most learners would use the numbers instead of their Greek names. Plus, in a formal text you have to write the numbers in Greek (except big numbers) and you also know how to use the numbers. There is no need to teach this ;)


Also very important if you want to understand the spoken word. I find Lotto played in the village square very useful but the consequences of a mistake can be horribly embarrassing!


Curious - it accepts "5 thousand" but not 5000. Incidentally in English it is generally accepted practice to write out the words for numbers 1-9, but use numerals above this - I don't know whether it is the same in Greece.

I understand the desire to encourage people to learn the words for numbers- but I am learning Greek not English, so having numerals in English is convenient.


why is the singular 'φιλαθλους' used over 'φιλαθλοι'?


Φιλάθλους is no singular. It is the accusative plural of φίλαθλος. We need accusative because it is the direct object of the sentence to the verb έχει.


Are there two words for fans? A previous sentence had 'Οι οπαδοί μας' (Our fans) , now we have 'φιλάθλους'?


ὀπαδός is ancient Greek for a follower (ὀπηδός), one who does the same as a predecessor. Since it also had the sense of an attendant, one can see how ὀπαδός in the sense of a follower or attendant could relate to being a fan (e.g., one who attends, one who follows). φιλάθλους is such a great word and needs less explanation. I'll just note that it's also ancient Gk and more or less referred to a competitor who was fond of competing in games. It makes sense that it still refers to someone who loves athletic competition. Dimitra (moderator) helps with modern Greek here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/18998063

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You can find the answer (edit: I've checked it's there) by looking up previous comments on this if you search for οπαδός φίλαθλος in the Greek forums. Searching for the terms individually returns more results, so I'm not going to post any links here. :)

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