"az az alma"

Translation:that apple

September 2, 2016

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Could also be translated as that's the apple. For example: Az az alma ami jobb lenne a gyomromban. That's the apple that would be better in my stomach.


That is the apple is marked wrong.... =/


"That is the apple" was not accepted. Seems to me this is a mistake. My feeling is, "that apple" ought to be "az alma" and not necessarily " az, az alma." At the very least - they ought to be both accepted as correct translations. No?



"that apple" is az az alma in Hungarian -- demonstratives come with a definite article in Hungarian; that's just the way it is. Your feelings about how Hungarian ought to work don't come into it :)

And if it had been a sentence (with capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end), then Az az alma. could mean "That is the apple" -- but as this was not a sentence but not a phrase, it's a bit more debatable whether "That is the apple" can be considered a correct translation.


That is the apple should also be acceptable.


From the written Hungarian -- no punctuation, no capital letter on the first word -- it is clear that the meaning must be 'that apple' and not 'that is the apple'.

But I wonder, if you were just hearing these words and not seeing them in writing, would there be slighly different intonations for the two different meanings?


"that's the apple" is still not accepted


Nor should it be, as your suggestion is wrong. See my other post on this page.

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