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  5. "אבא מגיש את האוכל במטבח."

"אבא מגיש את האוכל במטבח."

Translation:Dad serves the food in the kitchen.

September 2, 2016



Does this mean that father is ladling portions onto plates, which are then to be brought out to the dining room? So just wait a bit longer. Or that father is requiring everyone to come into the kitchen to be served their plate of food? How would the listener know?


It is to be eaten in the kitchen.


Which meanings of "serve" is this? In English, it can mean serve food, serve in the military, be a servant, and serve in tennis.


Serve food and in tennis. The other two - military and to be a servant - is משרת.


does this really mean to serve? in the dictionaries i have searched it means to obtain or to get- not to serve.. that would be a different action.


It is super easy to get this mixed up. להשיג l'haseeg means to obtain/acquire/get. להגיש l'hageesh is actually kinda opposite (to submit/present/serve).

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