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  5. "Η γραβάτα είναι λαχανί."

"Η γραβάτα είναι λαχανί."

Translation:The tie is light green.

September 2, 2016



the recording makes the word sound like λάχανι, with the stress on the first syllable. Does the recording sound natural to the native speakers?

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It sounds fine to me.


λαχανί translated as light green here. It is not a scientific name, you cannot use the word λαχανί in a Physics lecture for instance, unless you want this lecture to be more cheerful and fun. Never! Ανοιχτό πράσινο, yes. Λαχανί is a word for clothes mostly.

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More like cabbage green! (λάχανο is cabbage and λαχανί is light green)


DL accepted "lime green". And, doesn't "ανοιχτό πράσινο" = light green?


In this case the best translation is: "light green" = "ανοιχτός πράσινος" - But Stergi3 already wrote this about one year before! (2018/07/04)


Λαχανί is introduced in the lesson's notes as "cabbage green", so why isn't that an acceptable answer?


Ι googled a bit for λαχανί. It seems that all λαχανί are not the same, as Google gave me some samples. No, I don't know which one is the precise λαχανί :)

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