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  5. "Γράψαμε πολύ καλά!"

"Γράψαμε πολύ καλά!"

Translation:We wrote very well!

September 2, 2016


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For anyone wondering what the meaning of this sentence is, it answers the question "How did you do on the exam/test?" = "Πώς τα πήγατε στο διαγώνισμα/τεστ;" or simply "Πώς γράψατε;"


So "We did well on the test" should be accepted as a correct translation, right?


"We wrote very good!" could also be correct translation, isn't it?


Actually not. I'm not an English native, but when a verb "here wrote" describes how someone does something, the adjective has to turn into an adverb.

For example:

The song is good. (verb to be) She sings well. (verb to sing)

Adjectives change to adverbs in most languages I know. The only exceptions I know are German and Dutch. In these two languages, adjectives and their respective adverbs look the same in most cases.

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