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"Ich habe jedes Buch in der Bibliothek gelesen."

Translation:I have read every book in the library.

February 8, 2014



so Bibliothek and Bücherei are the same thing ?


Yes, although "Bibliothek" also can by your private library at home, while you would not call it "Bücherei".


Which is more common then?


For a public library, I think both are used equally.


The word(Bücherei) is commonly used only for town libraries or private libraries, while university libraries are almost exclusively called Bibliothek. Quote from https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/B%C3%BCcherei


I can think of two meanings here: "I have read all the books from the library", or "While I was at the library I have read all the books". In english the former came immediately to my mind, as the most natural. In german I still does not have such fast responses; could the sentence also carry the latter meaning?


Yes, it can mean both in German, too.


Der? I thought it was Die Bibliothek...


Yes, but here it is dative, because you ask "in wem habe ich die Bücher gelesen?"


"In wem?" as a question doesn't make sense here, unless you were inside someone else's body ;) You use "Wo?" to ask for "in der Bibliothek". But anyway, dative is correct. Some more infos on prepositional phrases: http://esl.fis.edu/learners/fis/german/kasus/germanPreps.htm


"In wem?" as a question doesn't make sense here, unless you were inside someone else's body ;)

I think that this is not intended to be a plausible situation, but rather a quick way of demonstrating the appropriate case. As this explanation puts it:

... it helps in that it is much easier determining the case on basis of the interrogative particle "wem" than on the basis of all kinds of pronouns, which are much more diverse.


Ahh thanks! I still haven't fully gotten the cases down.


Is this okay if i say in german "Ich lese jedes Buch in die Bibliothek."


It's a correct German sentence, but it is in present tense and therefore means something different than the sentence above.


...in der Bibliothek


Bibliothek sounds a lot like Spanish biblioteca and not at all like any Germanic words. So was this a loan from Spanish or do they both borrow from the same language to get biblioteca and Bibliothek?


I guess they both got it from Greek.

[deactivated user]

    Same in Polish - it's "biblioteka". :)


    What am I, freaking Belle? Nah, I ain't that pretty xD


    Duo did not accept "I did read every book in the library". Are there any grounds for that?

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