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Learning Polish from English! :)

Hi I'm a teen from england trying to learn polish before going there in a few years. I always try to learn a language if just plan to travel to that place frequently. I'm a level 6/7 I think. To people who finished the course, any tips?

September 2, 2016



1) You are trying to make very smart thing - learning in advance some things 2) I am a native speaker so I can give you few practical tips 3) Prepare for extremely hard things to learn - Polish is the top hardest language to learn in the World

Basic things: do not get mad with sounds like "ść" "dż" "dź" "ź". They are not essential to be understood. Same thing with grammatical cases ("pies", "psu", "psem") and so on. Poles will understand you even if you mess it.

Young people in Poland speak English (in various degree but they speak) but saying in Polish things like "hello", "thank you", "good day" will make good first impression. Learn it first.

Learn words - this is most important part of learning Polish. We do not have fixed word order in sentences (less things to worry).

Course here is ok but you should look for Polish music on yt in order to be able to understand spoken language. If you are interested reply here I'll send you few links.

Good luck!


Thanks, that's good advice. My best friend is Polish and being with her extended family is awkward as they all speak Polish. When I get to 40% fluent I will ask her to talk to me in polish.


Try also to listen to some polish music and read the lyrics or watch some movies with subtitles. Have fun while learning :)


Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying out some polish podcasts when I'm a slightly higher level. I can say cookies and coffee but I don't know the alphabet or numbers yet ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thank you for this comment. I haven't started Polish on Duolingo yet, but I'm hoping to learn enough to surprise my favorite priest someday. He came to America not knowing any English and taught himself English with just a Polish/English dictionary, and is now one of the most inspiring people I know. (Also, it's hard not to like a priest who tells great jokes and wears a leather jacket and bright red shoes! :D ) I have known him for many years now, and he has been a good friend to me as well as a good priest, so I have always wanted to learn a little Polish as a sign of appreciation.

Your tips have made me a little more confident about learning.


If he is Catholic instead saying hi you can say "szczęść Boże" or "pochwalony". Instead saying "I hope so" - "Daj Bóg". Google translate will give you correct pronunciation if you click on speaker sign.

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