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Why no Vietnamese letters/keys?

So when it asks to translate from English into Vietnamese, I have no way of writing the non-latin characters...the other languages (so far) give those 'extra' letters.... is it because it's beta? Or is this how it's going to be?

At the moment I'm either just using the Latin characters or copying and pasting from elsewhere.

EDIT: Found this going through the pro and cons of different options for a Vietnamese keyboard


2nd EDIT:

Windows 8.1 and 10 have built in language keyboards, you just pick the language you want and can switch using the windows key + space :D


September 2, 2016



There are far too many combinations of diacritics to provide them in this way (something in the order of 80 or so). You need to install either a Vietnamese keyboard or an input system like TELEX.
It is well-worth learning to type correctly, as all the diacritics represent phonological aspects that are crucial to meaning (and, unlike, for example, Chinese, you'll never forget the tone of a word if you can remember how to type it!)


80?!? wow, I thought it was basically what was in the first lesson's tips and tricks O_o I see, I shall have to look into the keyboard options.


Consider that every vowel (aeyuioăâêôươ) can carry every tone mark (àảãáạ, &ct.). 80 was a slight overestimation on my part, but it is certainly over 60, along with đ.


There are some instructions on their incubator page, specifying on how to get and use a vietnamese keyboard.


I could see a system with buttons to add the diacritics to the letters after they've been typed, which would cut the number of needed buttons down to nine, I think, but I don't know how easy that is to implement.


I'm using the Vietnamese keyboard and type the words correctly. Why is it not recognizing the characters? It always says "Almost correct" and shows the same thing I typed...


yeah it does that to me too. no idea why

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