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  5. "Ποιος είναι αυτός;"

"Ποιος είναι αυτός;"

Translation:Who is he?

September 3, 2016



Ποιός είναι αυτός; Who is this? Or he?


How would you say "which is this?" ?


    Ποιο είναι αυτό; since it refers to a thing.
    You can still refer to masculine/feminine things with ποιος/ποια but you need the right context: Ποια είναι η σαλάτα μου;


    How would one say "who is this?"


    If you mean 'this' as in someone being in the same place as you, or in a photo you are pointing at, for instance, then you'd use the same sentence to ask a third person about him/her. :)

    But in case you are thinking about ''Who's this?'' in the sense of 'Who is this/it (that I am talking to)'' while you are addressing someone directly, then you'd have to use the second person (singular or plural, depends on the level of formality)

    Hope this helped?


    But not that horrible English question: And you are? :-)


    Why yes, I am, thanks for noticing.


    But do you not agree that 'And you are?' sounds quite rude and even dismissive?


    I imagine I am rather tone deaf to this, as people seem to strive to take offense to things I cannot see as offensive, but is that phrase ruder or more dismissive than "And who are you?"


    Probably not, James. It depends on the tone it's delivered with. On paper you don't get the difference between a friendly question, and the seemingly unfriendly version. Perhaps best to reword it.


    It helped a great deal. I was counted off for translating it that way and reported it, but then I wasn't confident that I should have.

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