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"Αυτοί μας διαβάζουν ένα βιβλίο."

Translation:They read us a book.

September 3, 2016



Are these only indirect object pronouns, or also direct object pronouns? Could "book" be replaced by such a pronoun here?


''Μας'' here is an indirect object pronoun. (They are reading a book to us)

The direct object pronoun for 1st person singular just happens to be the same.

''Ένα βιβλίο'' could be replaced with a pronoun, if it is a specific book that has been mentioned before or the speakers know about it in advance. Here, however, you should use a direct object pronoun since it replaces the direct object of the sentence:

''Μας διαβάζουν το βιβλίο'' --- ''Μας το διαβάζουν''

Here is a list of both Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns:



Thanks. I just wanted to confirm that we were learning indirect object pronouns here.


Could the translation also be: "They read a book FOR us"?


You could definitely make a case for to us, but I'm not sure about for us. That's just me, though.


I think that would be: "Αυτοί διαβάζουν ένα βιβλίο για μας." Somebody, correct me if I'm wrong, though. :)


If you talk about the original sentence, you are wrong. If this is an answer to AlbertoGil14, you are perfectly right. ;)


Haha, luckily it was an answer to Alberto's question. Thanks :P


Surely, σας would imply you, not us?


Yes, σας means "you". Why do you ask? There is no σας here.

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