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  5. "A folyókban sok víz van."

"A folyókban sok víz van."

Translation:There is a lot of water in the rivers.

September 3, 2016



And another lot of water is in the seas. And a third lot of water is in plastic bottles.

I would rather say "There is a lot of water in the rivers."


"There is lot of water" is absolutely unidiomatic English. Alternatives are "a lot of" or "lots of" but a and lots were not options.


I said "much" instead of "a lot" (after reading in another discussion thread that someone had been marked wrong for saying "a lot" instead of "much") but this was rejected - should I report it?


I dont think "much" is technically wrong in English, it just sounds unusual, a bit like you are speaking English from a bygone era!


Why can't I write "In the rivers there is a lot of water"?


A bit unusual word order, but nothing wrong with it. :)


What is the dufference between "a lot if water " and "much water "?


-------- a lot of water is fluent. "much water" is understandable but everybody will know that you're not from the local tribe . . .

Big 26 may 18


I was given this sentence in a "Type what you hear" task but there was no audio :(


I wrote "there is o lot of water in the sea". Thankfully it was accepted. Somebody get that 'o' changed to 'a'

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