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Anyone want to be my Skype buddy for speaking Hebrew?!

Hi, so basically I am learning this for a hobby along with that I do a martial art, Krav Maga, that is originated from Israel. I really would like to find someone who knows the language to help, since I am an auditory learner. I'm hoping one day to visit Israel and study more Krav Maga but I feel it would be better to know the native language. I can help anyone learning English as an exchange, that's my native language.

September 3, 2016



i might be able to help you. i have some free time nowadays and Hebrew is my native language . plus i did krav maga for like 3 years but recently stopped . i am not sure i will feel 100% comfortable to speak in skype with a stranger because i am pretty shy but i can try


i can help, im from israel :) my skype is- tova1113


Ashley, you can try posting in the Duolingo Hebrew group, I'm sure you'll find many willing people there.


I was looking for someone to speak/write hebrew with, too. I am only level 6 in Duolingo but have been studying hebrew for awhile now. I can't speak it very well but I know the basics. My Skype is alyssaroettger33 . You should go to Israel, we went and it was the best trip ever. I would love to chat with you on Skype, it would be tov ivrit practice!

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