Γ γ as in woman? What in the world? I have never seen that in a Greek pronunciation guide. This has to be a typo.

September 3, 2016


Confusion more than typo i think. They meant y as in yuvaíka (greek for woman) - which obviously would not help if one has never heard that pronounced.

It's not a typo, assuming it was mistaken for "yunaika" was an error on my part. It was done on purpose and I gave feedback to them suggesting that it might be more confusing than helpful. If others feel the same way, feel free to give that feedback.

Interesting, thank you for the feedback.

Γ γ does indeed sound like the "w" part in woman. Just stop the pronunciation instantly before moving to the "o" because then you would be pronouncing Γου which is not what you want

I wish i could hear how you pronounce it like a "w". I cannot get my head round it - i have never thought it sounds like a w, and i lived in Thessaloniki for some years. Before vowels it sounds like the y in yes, and at other times like a more guttural g - to me anyway.
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Hello! I suggest reading afittro's comment here

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