"In this country, you must not listen, must not see, must not believe."

Translation:Ở quốc gia này, bạn không được nghe, không được thấy, không được tin.

September 3, 2016

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Apparently it is more natural to use được here. Đươc can have different meanings depending on where it stands in the sentence.

không được (verb) - not allowed to... không (verb) được - not able to... (verb) không được - not able to


So Where is this country


Why is this được and not phải? Must, have to = phải? Được = can, to be able to?

Actually, in the negative both of those would have different meanings to me.

Không phải = Not have to Không được = Not allowed to, not able to

So, I'm not sure what must not would be.

Although I'd be more inclined to say Không nên = Should not, must not.


spot on. "must not" is a prohibition, like "cannot" rather than "don't have to", so we use "không được". you can reduce confusion by only ever thinking of "phải" as "have to" rather than "must"


As a Vietnamese, I think it should be "không được nhìn".

"Không được thấy" is more like "can not be seen" or "is not shown to you" rather than "must not see"


The Vietnamese translation of "In this country, you must not listen, must not see, must not believe" is: « Ở quốc gia này, bạn phải không nghe, không thấy, không tin » and mods should allow it to be accepted by the system.


i submit my answer "listen" = "nghe" but the "correct answer" said that it's not correct. well, "listen" can be translate as "nghe" or "lắng nghe" is ok.


listen I thought was "lằng thấy?

Why not 'nhìn thấy' for 'see' also?


How about freedom of press?


Go to China and Vietnam, it's up to you to judge how freedom of press they are


Woah. This country is SO weird. Maybe that country's just a piece of land owned by a dead person. XD


"Must" means "phải"


Is this a stab at the communist regime in vietnam? Maybe?


tiếng anh khó v

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