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  5. "Αυτοί πίνουν τον χυμό."

"Αυτοί πίνουν τον χυμό."

Translation:They drink the juice.

September 3, 2016



Why is it 'τον' and not 'το'. I would've thought there should be no ni.


Masculine nouns (ο χυμός) change to 'τον χυμό' when they become the object of a sentence, that is the accusative case. Notice the 'ς' has been removed.

You must keep the 'ν' for masculine accusative if the letter after 'τον' begins with any of the following :κ, π, τ, ξ, ψ, γκ, μπ, ντ or any vowels. In this case, 'το χυμό' is correct.


Thank you for the confirmation. It sounded wrong, but I thought I might be wrong (if that makes any sense).


No worries! If you have any doubts, just Google the phrase and see what is the most common way of saying something. I just searched for 'το χύμο' and all the top articles wrote it that way.


Το χυμό is wrong speaking strictly grammatically. The Masculine article τον, έναν, always keeps the -ν in order not to be confused with the neutrum το, ενα. The rule above (of the first letter of the following word) applies only to feminine article την., as well as to the negatives δεν and μην. Verbally you will hear το χυμό more often than τον χυμό, but in written Greek the -ν must be kept.


All these rules should be included in the tips section.

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