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"Το κορίτσι περπατά δίπλα στο αγόρι."

Translation:The girl walks next to the boy.

September 3, 2016



Why περπατά and not περπατάει


περπατά is the contracted form of περπατάει.


The girl walks by the boy, generally means "the girl walks by the boy (passes by) with her head in the air". I think " the girl walks beside ( or next to) the boy" seems to me a better translation.


It would be extremely useful to have a longer explanation of the prepositions (and the genitive) in the introductory/explanatory sections. I have not yet come across an explanation for the formation of στο etc. Maybe it is in the Accusative lesson, which I haven't started yet. Also why don't you add a column in the list of prepositions or an explanation about which prepositions are followed by the genitive and which by the accusative. In any case, thanks for the course. It is done amazingly well!


Are the στο and στην in these sentences just based on the article of the object?


Why στο? Why not διπλα του αγοριου?? I believed στο is "in"


Στο also covers the usage of "to". I go to the house=πάω στο σπίτι. Few prepositions are accompaigned by genitive, most of them use accusative.


For those who might not know, στο is contraction of σε το and δίπλα σε requires accusative whereas δίπλα on its own takes genitive.


I gave the translation as "the girl walks near the boy" and it said that was wrong and it has to be "next to". Am I wrong? If so, why? Those sound like they mean the same thing to me.


Next to is not the same as near. "Next to" denotes a closer proximity than just "near". My house may be near a mountain, but next to my house there is a bank and a bakery.


Duolingo is giving me "near" as a translation, which is why I used it in the first place. If that's not correct, maybe it should be removed as a translation of δίπλα.


Why in one case δίπλα is used without additional preposition and in other case with σε? Έσυ δίπλα μου and τα κορίτσι περπατά δίπλο στο αγόρι?


*Είσαι δίπλα μου

Το κορίτσι περπατά *δίπλα στο αγόρι

Δίπλα μου=Δίπλα σε εμένα, but you can only do this with pronouns.

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