"The water is in a glass."

Translation:Το νερό είναι μέσα σε ένα ποτήρι.

September 3, 2016

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If the full, correct translation of "in" in this case is μέσα σε, then the dictionary hints ought to show that.

Also, it would be helpful if the Notes & Tips section would mention the many uses of από and of σε, especially as combined with other prepositions. The current list of prepositions is actually a little misleading.


Do you have to use μέσα in this sentence? Is " το νερό είναι σε ένα ποτήρι" sufficent? I always think of "μέσα" as being inside of and "σε" αs being simply in. Is this wrong?


You could omit μέσα, but in keeping with the as-close-as-possible translation I guess you shouldn't or it upsets the system! :) Σε on its own is not "in" strictly speaking though. It can replace many English prepositions (see here).


Thanks D, thanks for the clarification, it does indeed seem like a fine line. In the note it translates " it" as "to,at,for,on" as you said but in the examples it gives " μέσα στο (or στο) αυτοκίνητο. i shall bow to Duo.


Briefly, το νερό είναι σε ένα ποτήρι. But I don't remember a case I used this phrase. Maybe in a Chemistry lab :)


"The water is in a glass, the vodka is in the jug" Could be?


Is there a hint on which prepositions need σε after them and which don't?


I put 'το νερό είναι μέσα στο ποτιρι' which was marked wrong. Is this because i said the water is in the glass, not a glass?


Μέσα στο ποτήρι=In the glass, Μέσα σε ένα ποτήρι=In a glass. "Ποτίρι" is wrong, although you may see it rarely.


Watch the spelling of "ποτήρι" ;)


Normally would σε ένα be σ'ένα


In oral communication, yes, but it's usually spelled "σε ένα".


please explain why "you have a typo" appears frequently when the words and accents in my answer compare exactly with the solution


The sentences we have seem to be ok. Please report your answers if you believe they are correct so that we can help you.

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