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  5. "Αυτός κοιμάται με τα ρούχα."

"Αυτός κοιμάται με τα ρούχα."

Translation:He sleeps with his clothes on.

September 3, 2016



As a native English (US) speaker, he sleeps "in his clothes," "with his clothes on" and "with clothes on" are all perfectly acceptable and are all common ways to express that same idea. However, the first two would work better in the past tense, as in, "he slept with his clothes on."


So, in English, you are not "with clothes on", but "in clothes". Interesting, here I learn English and Greek at the same time, LOL.


You can sleep with a man/woman/ cat but not really with clothes. Does this mean " He sleeps in his clothes?". If not how would you translate it. " κοιμάται στα ρούχα του?

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Yes, it means "He sleeps in his clothes". I think it should be changed to that even though the words don't match; it's a turn of phrase from which the possessive may or may not be missing ("Κοιμάται με τα ρούχα του.")


"in his clothes" is in the hints but it marked wrong. (reported)


Thanks D. Duo usually avoids turns of phrase and it is easy to understand why! But it's a nice phrase and good to know :-)


"He sleeps with clothes on" should be accepted though.


I put "He sleeps with the clothes" – I thought it was strange, but I imagined some bloke, or perhaps a cat, sleeping in a wardrobe. I understand now why that is totally mistaken – but its was accepted, and it definitely should NOT be accepted.

It's nice to have little turns of phrase like this - and easy to remember!


´clothing´ is also correct, not wrong as marked: ´he sleeps in his clothing´.


Okay so you do your laundry and you toss it your bed but you are too lazy to fold your clothes and you pass out on top of them.

How do you write "He sleeps on his clothes"?


Perhaps: πάνο στα ρούχα

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You're right! Except it's πάνω. ;) Adverbs end in -ω (to be clear, that's not the only ending for adverbs): πάνω, κάτω, πίσω, έξω.


Thank you for that. Ακριβώς. Something new every day. :-)

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