"Who hurries into the toilet?"

Translation:Ki siet be a mosdóba?

September 3, 2016

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Do we always have to separate verb + prefix in a question ? I wrote : "ki besiet a mosdoba ?"


With pretty much all WH- questions in Hungarian, the WH- word (mi, ki, mikor, hol, ...) wants to come right in front of the verb.

And whenever something wants to be right in front of the verb, this means that preverbs get separated.


Or we can make a sub clause (?), by saying "who is it who hurries into the toilet?"

"Ki az, aki besiet a mosdóba?"

And the verb stays intact. Basically, the verb phrase is detached from the WH- question part.


" Ki siet a mosdóba? " should work as well.


Maybe. But in that case, we do not know if the person ever makes it there (in time). Maybe there is a line, maybe he or she changes their mind on the way. "Besiet", on the other hand, confirms that the person enters the "facilities".

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