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  5. "They have won again."

"They have won again."

Translation:Znowu wygrały.

September 3, 2016



Znowu zwyciężyli - why is this wrong?


For me it should be ok.


It's not wrong, it's just that such option wasn't thought of until now. It's added now, thanks.:)

Note that there might be small delay until the course will reflect the changes made in the Incubator.


oni wygrali znów ?


I don't know, it sounds a bit clumsy to me to put "znów" at the end of the sentence...


is the word order "wygrali znowu" wrong?


Not 'wrong', but it doesn't really sound well to me to put 'znowu' at the end...


Apparently this should be the answer "Oni wygrali ponownie." but that word was not in the suggestions and it's not even here. How is it possible?


Not 'should', 'could'.

We don't teach "ponownie", so we don't put it in the hints.

But we believe that you can't really use "znów" or "znowu" at the end of the sentence, but you can do it with "ponownie". So this must be why you got such a suggestion.


So we are supposed to come up with a word you don't teach and don't give as a hint?


No, you are supposed to use the word that you learned, but in a correct position in the sentence. The fact that there is some other word that works in a different position is just an accident, and actually because of that you have learned a new word.


what the difference beetwen jeszcze and znów ?


Well, "znów" simply means "again".

"jeszcze" means "yet" in negative sentences, and "still" in declarative ones.


How are wygrali and wygrały BOTH right?


Oni (group of men or mixed gender, so we only consider humans) wygrali
One (collection that does not include one man) wygrały.


zamiast "znowu" powinno być także "ponownie"


Dodałem "ponownie".


znowu oni wygrałi - is this wrong?

  1. "wygrałi" is not a word, you mixed masculine-personal "wygrali" with 'not masculine-personal' "wygrały".

  2. "Znowu oni wygrali"... it would be fine, but it's like "THEY won again", "It is the same team that has won, again!" and not "They have won five games and this is the sixth one, woah, they're good"...


I too used znowu at the end and was told I used the wrong word. It said I should have used the untaught ponownie. Shouldn't I have been marked incorrect, but for using the wrong word order, given the discussion so far?


That's just how the algorithm works and it's not something we can change.


I wrote:< znowu oni wygrali> it was not accepted. I wrote < oni > to show I chose the male form


Okay, after some thinking, I guess it's acceptable, added.

Putting "oni" in this place means that you're focusing more on "them again" than "winning again". As I wrote above:

"Znowu oni wygrali"... it would be fine, but it's like "THEY won again", "It is the same team that has won, again!" and not "They have won five games and this is the sixth one, woah, they're good"...

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