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Ænglisc / Old English - Lesson VIII - Grammar & Grammatical Cases IV (The Genitive Case)


Ƿesaþ ġē hāl!

If you missed the previous lesson (The Accusative Case), you can find it here -

Now, this next Grammatical Case is one that is mainly dead in ModE, but still has lingered on.

The Genitive Case (Gen), is a case in that a word is a showing possession. - however, it can also be used as a case of origin - see here for more uses of the genitive!

Example I:

(ModE) Kevin's dog.

(OE) Cefines hund.

What is in the genitive? Kevin, being it is his dog. Why is dog not in GEN - because it is the subject of the sentence (and thus in NOM).

Example II :

(ModE) Bēoƿulf of the Geats

(OE) Bēoƿulf ġēata

What is in the genitive? 'ġēata' meaning 'of the geats' - as that is the origin of Bēowulf.

Summary: The Gen case, although used for more than the reasons of possession and origin, can be better remember as thus until one gets used to its other uses. In ModE, the genitive case lingers on in the 's in possession (e.g - Kevin's Dog)

That is all for this lesson! For more information on GEN case, check out this video -

If this has inspired you/ started you to think that OE may be for you, check out Leornende Eald Englisc, here

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