"What is quality?"

Translation:Co to jest jakość?

September 3, 2016

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I don't quite understand. Why must the word to be in the translation?


"Co jest jakość?" doesn't make sense, "Co jest jakością?" - seems rather weird, "Czym jest jakość?" is perfectly fine. But in the default version, "to" is needed. "jest" may be omitted, but I'd recommend keeping it.

The best way to write this would be: Co to jest "jakość"? - as in fact, you are asking for a definition of a word.


Yeah you're right, we could say Ćto eto kaciestwo, or Kaciestwo eto ćto, so Co to jakość would've made sense to me. I was thinking in English with jest="is" but I forgot about the instrumental case after być--big mistake, but I agree that the instrumental doesn't work in this case, Ćto jest kaciestwom?

We wouldn't say Ćto eto jest' kaciestwo or Ciem jest' kaciestwo in Russian, though. The best usage would be Ćto znacit kaciestwo?.


Czy można dodać "Czym jest jakość"? Wydaje mi się, że również jest poprawną odpowiedzią.


What is effect = jaki jest efekt But for What is quality, jaki jest jakość is wrong?


The first one must have been "What is the effect?". That's what changes the meaning and makes 'jaki' used.

Here, the question is basically about the definition of the term "quality".

Also, "jakość" is a feminine noun, so if it was "What is the quality (of something)?", then it would be "Jaka jest jakość?".

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